Designed by CRHain Design, LLC.

Designing a CLEANCut in your kitchens is now easier then ever. Downloading our 20-20 design files allow you to integrate a CLEANCut under or recessed in a cabinet. Incorporating a CLEANCut in your designs provides your customers with a product that will save them money, reduce cross contamination, and be the conversation piece of their new kitchen. Free up that valuable counter space real estate by revolutionizing the way homeowner’s think about paper towels. The CLEANCut is not just for the kitchen, specify a unit in the laundry room, home bar, or garage and make it convenient all around the house to get paper towels. Stay ahead of your competition and work a CLEANCut into your designs today.

Download 20-20 Files

Show us your designs!

E-mail us pictures of your designs with a CLEANCut installed and we will post them on our website with your contact information for all to see.