Designed by CRHain Design, LLC.


Use your favorite brand of paper towel

It doesn't matter what paper towel you buy, the CLEANCut is designed to work with any brand and any size roll.

LED Touchless Technology

Unlike other automatic dispensers, there is no need to wave back and forth in front of a sensor, hoping that it will see your hand. The CLEANCut sensors instantly recognizes and reacts to your hand.

Fast and Easy One Hand Operation

No more struggling with ordinary paper towel holders, the CLEANCut let’s you get the exact size you want with just one hand.

Dispense and Cut to Any Length

Regardless of perforation, you can decide how long or how short of a piece you need. The CLEANCut uses an internal self-sharpening rotary blade to cut the paper towel.

Use Less Paper Towel and Save Money

Because you control how much (or how little) paper towel you actually want, you can now save on overall paper towel purchases every year!

Prevents Cross Contamination

Because you don't have to touch anything to use the CLEANCut, there is no inadvertent spread of germs and bacteria.

How to Use

Operating Instructions


Place hand between LED sensors in the dispense zone.

The CLEANCut is designed to dispense the amount of paper towel you desire. For short sheets, briefly hold your hand in the dispense zone. For longer sheets, hold your hand in the dispense zone for a longer period of time.

Once the desired amount of paper has been dispensed, remove hand.

To prevent paper jams, do not try to remove the paper towel without cutting. The CLEANCut is designed to give you the perfect size sheet you need regardless of the roll's perforation.


To cut, place hand between LED sensors in the cutting zone.


The cut paper towel is held in place for you. Pull to remove.

Loading Instructions

Pull latch to open

Pull opening latch to release the main body.

Push down to fully open paper path

Push the main body down completely until it stops to ensure it is fully opened.

Make sure pinch rollers are recessed to completely open the insertion slot.

The CLEANCut appliance is equipped with a safety feature to prevent operation while the unit is opened.

Remove Dowel Rod and insert into roll

Lift dowel rod to remove from device and dispose of empty cardboard tube from previous roll (if any).

Insert the dowel rod through the center of a new paper towel roll.

Itsert dowel road with loaded paper roll back into cradel

Once paper towel roll is loaded into the dowel rod, place into the dowel cradle.

It is recommended that you place the roll into the cradle so that the paper comes up from the bottom front of the roll.

Remove Dowel Rod and insert into roll

Load end of paper sheet through paper path.

Push up on main body to close

Push unit up to latch close. Your CLEANCut is now ready for use.

Cleaning Instructions

This product contains no user-serviceable parts. Repair should be done only by authorized service personnel.

  • Make sure the main body is opened or the power cord is removed before cleaning.
  • Small pieces of paper may remain in the paper path after numerous rolls are cut.
  • Clean with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner. Be careful not to soak the LED sensor windows.


Need help? Check out our troubleshooting guide for common questions regarding the CLEANCut.